Because Somebody Had To Do It.

I must say I’m amazed.
I’m actually quite a big fan of statement jewellery. But, if by statement you mean as big as seen from the moon, we’re not talking about the same thing 🙂
What I crave for is this kind of marvel pieces, that seem to be created from a totally different place, that express a deeper vision and mostly, that seem to carry some sort of a much higher vibration.
In my perception, the Repossi rings are a high expression of art, and a proof of a perfect and complete understanding of the human nature, alongside with a woman’s deepest desires.
I love the Repossi rings just like I love Roisin Murphy. She’s fresh, she’s so complex, but in a minimalistic, modern style, and she’s for certain on the edge with her personal style and self expression.  This one right here is one of my favourites, and i feel it coming with the same message as these unique creations do:

So, if you think that everything was already invented, think again!  There is far more than meets the eye!
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