Summer 2018 // Trends // Start Wearing Purple


┬áThere’s something really special about this hue, that was recently crowned ‘Color of the Year’ by Pantone Institute. This year, we have shades of purple everywhere, from bold hair tones to monochrome total plum looks.

Going darker in winter months and a bit lighter in summer, purple is here to stay all year round. Probably the most dramatic and expressive outfit is one daring monochrome look, but purple looks lovely in details also.

Purple makes a great match with yellow shades and if you want don’t want to stand out this much, some spots of plum and green or mustard accessories will also look pretty chic on a dark background- black-dress-of-your-choice.



summerish bun
Today, play light and sassy, for some stylish summer scenes featuring retro city chic inspiration and a touch of humour.
Weather u go to work or you take a walk on the wild side, weather you take your kids from school or just lunch out, bring on your full radiance and experiment with fun items. The 70’s are rocking the boat again, so that’s a good starting point to get inspired. Colours, prints, a drop of boho-hippie-chic for the romantic ones, whilst some patterns in bold colours with geometric figures and chunky bracelets will get the attention of the adventurous.