the weekend getaway.

Because it’s summer and summer is fun.
Tones of festivals and gatherings every weekend, many vibrant moments and many adventures to go.
But most of all, weekends are unpredictable, so you’ll better have your survival plan on and some useful stuff at hand. Like a jacket in your weekender bag or maybe even a bathing-suit.
Generally, when thinking about what you need for a fun weekend session, think efficiency-suported-by-design. *wink*
What I mean by this is that successful weekend getaways looks are both creative and easy to wear, so I recommend the sacred science of layering. Yes, layering products with different lengths, like a long fringed T with a short leather jacket, or with a longer sweater followed by a short jacket and a scarf (in case you’re going to a festival in the forest 🙂 Otherwise, layer the other way around: a cute-naughty piece of sassy lingerie, timidly showing off your right shoulder and an oversized T.
Boots are my favourite, in all shapes and sizes, so for me, boots are always the answer. If you feel a little more sporty, go for sneakers. U cannot fail with that! Also, a bigger bag than you’re city clutch would be just fine. Don’t exaggerate, though. You do not need to carry half of your wardrobe with you all the time, you’ll feel exhausted more quickly *smile*
Bucket bags are new for me, but it was surely love at first wear. They are so much bigger than they look, very practical and still chic, and already have that fresh vibe and loose feeling. If you are also a fan, you can check out a vintage classic in your store, here. 
Enjoy the weekend, darlings, and have stylish fun!