Betty Catreaux – The Androgynous Muse


With a long, slender silhouette and an unmistakeable androgynous and nonchalant appearance, Betty Catreaux, also know as Saint Laurent’s ‘sister’, made a deep impact on the perception of femininity in fashion.

The mannish look, with trousers and blazer, was never more sexy and more feminine than worn by Betty. Saint Laurent himself got inspired by her style and attitude and introduced in his collection for the first time in 1966 an iconic masterpiece, Le Smoking.The first tuxedo made for woman open doors to a new era in fashion, that developed later in the 80’s and 90’s as the feminine masculine suit, that still has it’s comeback today.

Alongside with her apparent lack of interest in fashion standards and trends, a new version of the Female was born, this time stronger and more confident, wearing masculine pieces with grace and attitude.

The platinum sleek hair with a long fringe has also became the signature look of Betty Catreaux. As the perfect combination for an equilibrated appearance, Betty’s blonde look gave a feminine finish to a figure that is glacial, yet so attractive.

Betty Catroux by Jeanloup Sieff for Vogue, 1969 033-betty-catroux-theredlist – Betty Catreaux by Jeanloup Sieff, for Vogue , 1969

What was she famous for?
Yves Saint Laurent’s muse and ‘twin sister’, Betty Catreaux was famous for being an inspiration for the designer by just being herself.

What was her style?
Her unique style was structural, masculine, minimalistic.

The signature look.
Her signature look revolves around blazers and tuxedos, usually worn with masculine pants. Suits were also her favourites. Platinum straight hair.

Foto:  – > Betty Catreaux, Yves Saint Laurent and Loulou de la Falaise, at the opening of the Rive Gauche store in London, 1969

The Muse // Loulou de la Falaise, the free-spirited bohemian

loulou muse falaise
Loulou de la Falaise in Yves Saint Laurent for Vogue, 1970.

A powerful spirit and a dazzling and sparkling personality, no wonder Loulou was baptised in parfume instead of holy water! (Shocking, by Schiaparelli, to be more accurate) Weather a myth or not, it doesn’t even matter. The legacy she left in terms of style and styling, and her feminine-chic touch of inspiration, made her not only Saint Laurent’s muse but also an eternal symbol of fresh spirit and playful creativity.
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With an eccentric model as a mother and a royal french figure as a father, Loulou’s life took an unexpected turn at a young age, when her parents divorced and she and her brother were sent to foster care. Her attempts to follow the norms where doomed to failure due to her rebellious nature, so she got expelled for several times until getting into the fashion world, where she could finally find the means to express her creative and powerful personality. It was alongside Yves Saint Laurent that she shined to the fullest. A friend and co-worker for him but also a constant inspiration, Loulou was the first woman in history to actually get a paid job as a Muse, in the early 70s’. For more than three decades, she designed jewelry and hats for Yves Saint Laurent, and the latter period brought her in the position of designing her own clothes.
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Photo credit: Jean Baptise Mondino
Photo credit: Jean Baptise Mondino

Her eclectic style and atipical approach left a strong trace in the development of fashion, and many elements she made famous back then are actually still cool today, like the turbans and colourful scarfs wrapped around the head. At her wedding with Thadée Klossowski de Rola in 1977, she wore a bohemian enssemble, representing a 16th century suit with harem pants and a large turban, designed  by Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche.

What was she famous for?
Loulou was a rebel, free-spirited and naturally charming, developing a unique bohemian deLuxe look, combining elements from the Anglo-Irish aristocracy and the eternal chic of Parisian woman. She was the first Muse to actually own her job with this entitlement, a designer of clothes, hats and jewellry, a close friend of Yves Saint Laurent. Loulou de la Falaise is famous for her untamed spirit expressed with a lot of fantasy details and a specific sense of humor.

What was her style?
Her unique style included many colourful material, rich prints and heavy accesorising. Her style was joyful, happy, full of life, exploring cultures and materials, and integrating the boheme elements of the gypsy style and Irish aristocracy in a fresh, city version, with a touch of feminine chic.

The signature look.
Wearing many scarfs on her head in a turban-knot was one of her signature looks, that has kept it detached cool look until today. Combining statement jewelry in courageous looks. Short hair and a deep smile.

More about Loulou de la Falaise, within the pages of this book, released last year in her memory.
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Loulou for
Loulou for
Loulou on her wedding day to Klossowski in Paris, june 1977. Photo credit:  Guy Marineau
Loulou on her wedding day to Klossowski in Paris, june 1977.
Photo credit: Guy Marineau
Photo credit: Pascal Chevallier
Photo credit: Pascal Chevallier
Loulou de la Falaise and Yves Saint Lurent.  Photo credit: Photobucket
Loulou de la Falaise and Yves Saint Lurent.
Photo credit: Photobucket


threeasfour fall [14.15]

beautiful , head to toe!

monochromatic, futuristic, bold, perfectly round, amazingly crafted, shape-shifted,textured, very textured,smooth, cocooning  yet feminine…well, i guess i just know what i want for my birthday*smile*

love the looks and the focus on texture and geometric layers.

and I couldn’t help notice the so-perfectly-matched backround. quite a story!

enjoy the full show here.




Because Somebody Had To Do It.

I must say I’m amazed.
I’m actually quite a big fan of statement jewellery. But, if by statement you mean as big as seen from the moon, we’re not talking about the same thing 🙂
What I crave for is this kind of marvel pieces, that seem to be created from a totally different place, that express a deeper vision and mostly, that seem to carry some sort of a much higher vibration.
In my perception, the Repossi rings are a high expression of art, and a proof of a perfect and complete understanding of the human nature, alongside with a woman’s deepest desires.
I love the Repossi rings just like I love Roisin Murphy. She’s fresh, she’s so complex, but in a minimalistic, modern style, and she’s for certain on the edge with her personal style and self expression.  This one right here is one of my favourites, and i feel it coming with the same message as these unique creations do:

So, if you think that everything was already invented, think again!  There is far more than meets the eye!
Capture d’écran 2013-04-03 à 12.53.46_0Capture d’écran 2013-04-03 à 12.53.25_0

Gareth Pugh – The Dark Magician

Imi place Gareth Pugh rau de tot.

‘Dark and deep’, in tonuri joase si grele, imi pare convingator. Cred felul in care isi construieste showul este unul din punctele lui forte. Practic, pune in scena o adevarata piesa de teatru,  populata de personaje de putere. Detaliile sunt perfecte, de la fundalul sonor hipnotic si lumini, pana la elementele de decor de pe podium si atitudinea modelelor.

Colectia m-a cucerit total. Imi place silueta si felul cum marcheaza talia si cum echilibreaza volumele. Imi place arhitectura hainelor lui si croiul impecabil. Imi place cum dozeaza texturile si imi place faptul ca reuseste sa exploreze in asa fel teritoriul arid al culorii negre,  incat nu te plictiseste niciodata.

Anul asta, mai dramatic si mai intens ca niciodata. Siluete arhetipale, personaje monumentale pe care proiecteaza o grandoare supranaturala. Ma uit la showul lui si ma simt aproape ca la Hala Balanta din Sibiu, unde se juca piesa Faust.

Gareth Pugh – fall winter 2013 -2014