Spring Summer 2016 // The Slit Dress

split dress .jpg

Every once in a while, a sassy detail makes all the difference in your everyday look. Just like rolling your jeans and cuffing your shirt to give it a more relaxed feeling, adding a slit or two to a long skirt or dress (even shirt) will give it a clear playful, flirty twist.

There are so many ways to explore this trend that it will be hard to get bored by it. Go for one simple cut, but as high as can be without exposing too much, and enjoy a new fresh version of the maxi skirt, as seen at Rag & Bone and Marc Jacobs.

Feeling bolder? Go for double cuts, climbing high on your legs. Add an edgy touch with a few zippers, as seen in the Hood by Air collection. Either way, this will make your legs look longer and slimmer than ever.

The romantic side is not too far to reach either. With 3 slits or even more, a lot of movement and a touch of play will be added to a large boho dress. Same goes for the structural pieces, as seen in Fausto Puglisi show: so many slits make the end side of the skirt look somewhere between spaghetti straps and fringe. Such a dynamic effect!

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