Betty Catreaux – The Androgynous Muse


With a long, slender silhouette and an unmistakeable androgynous and nonchalant appearance, Betty Catreaux, also know as Saint Laurent’s ‘sister’, made a deep impact on the perception of femininity in fashion.

The mannish look, with trousers and blazer, was never more sexy and more feminine than worn by Betty. Saint Laurent himself got inspired by her style and attitude and introduced in his collection for the first time in 1966 an iconic masterpiece, Le Smoking.The first tuxedo made for woman open doors to a new era in fashion, that developed later in the 80’s and 90’s as the feminine masculine suit, that still has it’s comeback today.

Alongside with her apparent lack of interest in fashion standards and trends, a new version of the Female was born, this time stronger and more confident, wearing masculine pieces with grace and attitude.

The platinum sleek hair with a long fringe has also became the signature look of Betty Catreaux. As the perfect combination for an equilibrated appearance, Betty’s blonde look gave a feminine finish to a figure that is glacial, yet so attractive.

Betty Catroux by Jeanloup Sieff for Vogue, 1969 033-betty-catroux-theredlist – Betty Catreaux by Jeanloup Sieff, for Vogue , 1969

What was she famous for?
Yves Saint Laurent’s muse and ‘twin sister’, Betty Catreaux was famous for being an inspiration for the designer by just being herself.

What was her style?
Her unique style was structural, masculine, minimalistic.

The signature look.
Her signature look revolves around blazers and tuxedos, usually worn with masculine pants. Suits were also her favourites. Platinum straight hair.

Foto:  – > Betty Catreaux, Yves Saint Laurent and Loulou de la Falaise, at the opening of the Rive Gauche store in London, 1969

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